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Selections of contemporary and traditional yads from the Barr Foundation collection are going on the road! The national tour of highlights of America's largest and most diverse private collection of Torah pointers will take these outstanding examples to the following venues in the coming months.

Mamaroneck New York Exhibit

We will be opening at Koslowe Gallery in Mamaroneck, New York in early February.

Contemporary Pointers (Case 1-4) and Traditional Pointers (Case 5 - 9)
  • Wendall Castle Torah
    Wendell Castle American, born 1932 Le Roy, N.Y.
    Silver and stained walnut;
    Hand: signfoam and acrylic paint, Table: rosewood, maple wood 8 in. high.
    Made 2004
  • Jennifer Banks Torah
    Jennifer Banks American, born
    Ebony, copper, silver;
    Stand: copper, silver, resin 8in.
    Made 2007
  • Reddish Studio Torah
    Reddish Studio Naama Steinbolk, Israeli, born 1975 and
    Idan Friedman, Israeli, born 1975
    Cast aluminum, silver plated; coral beads
    Made 2011
  •  Tobi Kahn Torah Torah
    Tobi Kahn American, born 1952
    Resides in Long Island City, NY
    Wood, acrylic 7 3/4 in.
    Made 2000
  • Michele Oka Doner Torah
    Michele Oka Doner American, born 1945
    Resides in New York, N.Y.
    Bronze and sterling silver 5 in.
    Made 2000

  • Ina Golub Torah
    Ina Golub American, born 1938, and Kurt Matzdorf, American, born Germany, 1922-2008.
    Wood, glass beads, silver 8.5 in.
    Made 1993
  • Linda Gissen Torah
    Linda Gissen American, 1937-2015
    Resided in Norfolk, VA
    Welded metal 9 in.
    Made 2000
  • Liza Nechamkin Torah
    Liza Nechamkin American, born 1973
    Resides in Roxbury Township, N.J.
    Sterling silver, Carnelian 8.75 in.
    Made 2000

  • Seth Rolland Torah
    Seth Rolland American, born 1963
    Resides in Port Townsend, Washington.
    Padouk wood and maple 12.5 in.
    Made 2001

  • Harley Swedler Torah
    Harley Swedler Born Canada, 1962
    Resides in Connecticut
    Stainless steel; Grip: cast aluminum, brass pins 12 in.
    Made 2002
  • Gerald Benney Torah
    Gerald Benney British, 1930-2008
    Silver, gold, enamel 9.25 in.
    Made 2000

  • JoAnne Russo Torah
    JoAnne Russo American, born 1956
    Resides in Saxtons River, VT.
    Basketweave, various beads, fishbone, linen thread, porcupine quill
    12.5 in.
    Made 2011
  • John Iversen Torah
    John Iversen Born Germany, 1953
    Resides in East Hampton, NY
    Gold with pearls and coral
    Acquired 2010
  • Donald Friedlich Torah
    Donald Friedlich American, born 1954
    Resides in Madison, Wisconsin
    Glass, metal, gold 8.75 in.
    Made 2006
  • Janna Syvanoja Torah
    Janna Syvanoja Finnish white paper resembles feather, steel tip in shape of bird's head
    9.5 inches
    Made 2002
  • Bennett Bean Torah
    Bennett Bean American, born Blairtown, N.J. 1941
    Pit fired, painted and gilded earthenware 9.75 x 3.75 x.75 in.
    Made 2012
  • Philipp Aduatz Torah
    Philipp Aduatz Born Vienna, Austria 1941
    Polyurethane, black glossy finish 10.5 in. Made 2012

  • Harold RabinowitTorah
    Harold Rabinowitz American, born New York
    Resides in East Hills, NY
    Silver 10.5 in.

  • Marian Slepian Torah
    Marian Slepian American, born 1960
    Resides in Bridgewater, N.J. 1934
    Metal, cloisonne enamel 10.5 in.
    Made in 2002
  • Yaakov Greenvurcel Torah
    Yaakov Greenvurcel Israeli, born Poland
    Anodized aluminum 9 in.
    Made 1999 Jerusalem

  • Liza Nechamkin  Torah
    Liza Nechamkin American, born 1973
    Resides in Roxbury Township, New Jersey 1973
    Sterling silver, gold, pearls 10.5 in. Made 2002
  • George Worthington Torah
    George Worthington American, born 1956
    Resides in Saugerties, N.Y. 1956
    Pear wood
    Made 2010
  • Piet Cohen< Torah
    Piet Cohen Dutch, born 1935
    Resides in Amsterdam, Netherlands 1935
    Pointer: Lucite, silver gold 10.5 in.
    Made 2000
  • Hana Bahar Paneth Torah
    Hana Bahar Paneth Israeli, born Jersalem 1936
    Ebony/rosewood silver 10 in.
    Made 1998
  • Bernard Bernstein Torah
    Bernard Bernstein American, born 1928
    Ebony rosewood and silver

  • Elena Spano Torah
    Elena Spano Born Florence, Italy
    Plexiglas, gold rivets10 in.
    Made 2004
  • Carolyn Morris Bach was made in 2014
    Carolyn Morris Bach American born
    Reside in Rhode Island
    Fine silver, cooper, petrified wood, fossilized walrus tusk ivory and badger hair bristles.
    Made 2014
  • Darlys Ewoldt made in 2014
    Darlys Ewoldt Born in Iowa
    Resides in Chicago, IL
    Forged and fabricated from copper sheet. Coloration is achieved with chemical patinas, dye oxides and mica powder.
    Made 2014
  • Munya Avigail Upin Torah
    Munya Avigail Upin Top is "twined" fine silver in a traditional basketry technique and the long twisted piece is silver plated brass. The stone on top is moonstone and the bottom is bone Artist: Munya Avigail Upin, M.A. in Silversmithing. Jewelry instructor and lecturer in Massachusetts
    6.25 inches
  • Bernard Bernstein Torah
    Bernard Bernstein American born 1928
    Ebony rosewood and metal

  • Liv Blavarp Torah
    Liv Blavarp Norwegian, born 1956
    Grenadill, maple, palisander, and whale tooth 11 in.
    Made 2012
  • Torah
    Torah Pointer Has upper stem of wood with a metal cap and long metal chain. Lower stem tapers to a fine point. 9.25 inches
    Made 2000

  • Mayimh
    Anika Smulovitz American born, Phoenix 1974
    Resides in Boise, Idaho. Teacher
    Sterling, antique mother-of-pearl buttons and embroidery needles 10 inches
    Made 2012 commission by Barr Foundation
  • In Honor of the Matriarchs
    Anika Smulovitz “In Honor of the Matriarchs” acknowledging the matriarchs vital role in keeping traditions alive. Sterling silver, antique mother-of-pearl buttons with embroidery needles for point.
    Phoenix born 1974
    Reside in Boise, Idaho. Teacher
    Made 2012 commission by Barr Foundation
  • Torah
    Suri Srulovitch Born and resides in Jerusalem, Israel
    Silver undulating yad
    Made 2011.
  • CBF 029 Torah
    Torah Pointer Silver and wood with swirled ivory handle with inset silver chain
    Probably German
    15.25 inches
    Circa 1860
  • 153 Torah
    Torah Pointer Wood and ivory 16.75 in.
    Palestine, C. 1925

  • 043 Torah
    Torah Pointer Carved ivory, 13 in.
    Europe, 19th century

  • CBF 045 Torah
    Torah Pointer Ebony, silver 16 in.
    Probably English
    Circa 1800
  • Torah
    Torah Pointer Coral and parcel gilt silver, 11 in.
    Northern Italy
    19th century
  • Torah
    Torah Pointer Wood with three moveable spheres, 12 in.
    Inscription: dedicated to Rav Leib Shaier and the Rebetzen Hindkha
    Made 1789
  • Torah
    Torah Pointer Wood 10 in.
    19th century

  • 061 Torah
    Torah Pointer Carved wood, the mid-section with shell work decoration enclosing an open rectangle containing a moveable sphere, terminating in a cuffed hand
    8.75 inches
    18th Century
  • 154 Torah
    Torah Pointer Carved wood, mother of pearl and ivory, 20.25 in.
    Cochin, Indian
    19th century

  • 117 Torah
    Torah Pointer Extremely rare - dark green ceramic with white ceramic hand, 9 inches
    19th Century Alsace
    Acquired from Moriah Galleries in 2008
  • CBF 066 Torah
    South Pacific Made of spent bullets in the South Pacific during World War II

  • CBF 044Torah
    Torah Pointer An extremely rare and fine pointer with filigree shaft segmented with filigree ball and matching final, terminating in cuffed hand with ruby ring.
    C. 1700 Alsace
    Acquired from Moriah Galleries in 1996
  • CBF 055 Torah
    Holland Torah Pointer Miniature silver, 3.75 in.
    Made 19th century
  • 111 Torah
    Torah Pointer Silver gilt with garnets, turquoise, 11 in.
    Vienna, Austria
    Late 19th century
  • 053 Torah
    Torah Pointer Silver, 9.5 in.
    Probably Italy
    Made in 17th-18th century
  • CBF 034 Torah
    Torah Pointer Circa 1900
    Pointer: Silver 7.5 in.
  • CBF 052 Torah
    Iranian Torah Pointer Silver 9.25 in.
    Late 19th century
  • CBF 054 Torah
    African Torah Pointer Parcel gilt metal with intricate chain, 8.75 in.
    North African
    19th century
  • 063 Torah
    Torah Pointer Traveling Pointer: Silver and Bronze, 3 in.
    Made late 19th century

  • 048 Torah
    Torah Pointer American “Federal” Period Extremely rare, elaborate columnar shape with large bird finial holding a bell in its beak. Engraved on the hand in Hebrew: “Holy Congregation B.R.” Probably from one of the abandoned New York lower east side synagogues.
    19th century
  • 000Torah
    Pea Pod Torah Pointer Shaped paper with gilding and orb shape forming a pea.

  • CBF 040 Torah
    Torah Pointer Silver shaft with an intricate leaf and vine design continuing on the rounded finial. Terminates in a pointed and cuffed gilded hand. 9.5 inches
    C. 1880 Russia
    Acquired J. Greenstein & Company 2005
  • 118 Torah
    Indian Torah Pointer Unusually large finely chased silver with an elephant finial and extra large hand.
    18.25 inches
    Made 19th century

  • 064 Torah
    Afghanistani Torah Pointer A splendid and large parcel gilt silver torah pointer inset with coral and turquoise. Large ball finial and smaller ball knop fitted with pointed hand. Early 20th century Afghanistan

  • Parcel gilt torah pointer
    Parcel Gilt Torah Pointer Parcel gilt silver, twisted shaft with square handle with open "mihrab" shaped finial terminating with pointed hand.
    7.5 inches.
    C. 1800
    Acquired from Moriah Galleries in 1996
  • Torah 031
    Torah Pointer A rare wood and ivory pointer. Ivory finial carved with an architectural scene of Zfat and inscribed in Hebrew “The Ha’ari Synagogue, Zfat, 9.25 inches.
    Acquired from Sotheby’s Tel Aviv
    Made 1891
  • #180 Torah Pointer
    Torah Pointer Silver gilt torah pointer (probably Austrian). Hexagonal baluster form with engine-turned panels, double-cuffed hand, short chain 6.38 inches. Circa 1860
    Acquired from Sotheby's from the Steinhardt Collection in 2013
  • Torah Pointer
    Torah Pointer Rare torah pointer. Parcel gilt with extended finger holding a quill. All surmounted by a crown and a ring holder with an oval medallion, 9 inches Zfat, 9.25 inches.
    Acquired from Sotheby’s Tel Aviv
  • Torah Pointer
    Egyptian Torah Pointer Silver flat tapering pointer engraved overall with scrolling, foliate and star design, 11.25 inches
    Made late 19th Century
    Acquired from Phillips Auction in 1997
  • Torah Pointer
    American Torah Pointer Silver torah pointer. Baluster shaft with inscription in English: "Presented by Felicie Kahn, July 20, 1886", gauntleted hand with ringed finger, chain attached, 11 inches
    Acquired at auction 2014
  • Torah Pointer
    Torah Pointer Italian carved wood and ivory. Deeply carved with fruit and flowers, central ivory band engraved "Padua 1852" and "Made by my hand". Ivory hand terminal and carved ivory coronet finial, the top carved with inscription "Menasseh, Son of Moses"
    10 inches
    Acquired from Sotheby's from the Steinhardt Collection in 2013
  • Torah Pointer
    Torah Pointer Two part torah pointer and stand. Intricate carving on the finial in Hebrew with leaf motif. Includes an accompanying parchment of Hofheimer Barr family tree.
    9.5 inches
  • Pointer
    Angela Bubash Torah Pointer Angela Bubash, artist
    Sterling silver and carnelian
  • Torah Pointer
    Moshe Zabari Torah Pointer Handmade silver torah pointer by Moshe Zabari in the shape of an elongated fingernail. Marked with applied words "emet" (truth)., 5 inches
    Acquired from J. Greenstein & Co. in 2013
  • Pointer
    Phillip Weber Torah pointer and stand of ebony and osage orange wood.
    Phillip Weber
    Made 2014

  • Pointer
    Michael Ende silver Bezalel The four sided middle section decorated with varying floral, foliate and vine designs. Some incorporating pomegranates. The center and top fitted with bells. The top a gold star of David and suspension chain.
    Pointing hand fully marked 10.5 inches
    Made 1970's
    Acquired from Phillips Auction 1997
  • Pointer
    Marit Meisler Cast concrete torah pointer. Meisler graduated at the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design in Jerusalem.
    Resides in Israel.
    Made 2012
  • #172 Torah Pointer
    Torah Pointer Silver gilt torah pointer
    6.5 inches
    Accquired from auction in 2013
  • Pointer
    Avi Biryan Torah Pointer Hammered silver with lion in polished silver and garnet eye and inset near pointed end.
    Zabari Jerusalem 2009

  • Pointer
    Donna Matles Torah Pointer Copper, sterling silver, shakudo and shibuishi metals.
  • Pointer
    Sylvie Lupien Torah Pointer Sterling silver with garnets in center, red gem on finial.
    Resides in Montreal, Quebec
  • Lily of the Valley
    Lily of the Valley Pointer Carved jade, gold and carved pearls. by Tom Herman of Seven Fingers, 2015.

  • Torah
    Iron Torah Pointer and Stand
    Pointer: (18') and stand. By Albert Paley of New York, 2015.
  • Torah
    Iron Torah Pointer
    Pointer: (18'). By Albert Paley of New York, 2015.
  • Torah Pointer
    Torah Pointer Made of wood root, metal with a pearl. Artist is Fred Tate, a jewelry designer who studied at California State Polytechnic College at Pomona, 1971 and Austin Community College in art-metal-welded sculpture, 1993-1996. He has exhibited and sold at the Festival of the Masters in Laguna Beach, CA. He is known for his ability to create uniquely engineered, three-dimensional designs.
    Acquired from the artist in 2013 Artist resides in Austin, Texas
  • Austrian 19th Century
    Torah Pointer Parcel gilt with openwork terminal set with colored pastes. The shaft incised with berried foliage.
    Austrian 19th Century
    10.5 inches
  • Germany 19th Century Pointer
    19th Century Torah Pointer Silver pointer of spiral form with spherical knop at end and the lower section terminating in a cuffed hand P. Hertz
    Germany 19th Century
    8 inches
  • Pointer
    Torah Pointer Silver with oval turquoise stone.Makers mark on cuff and near top above stone. Prague 19th century
    10 inches
  • Russian Pointer
    Russian Torah Pointer Russian silver gilt and ebony with wide cuff
    1877 Moscow
    9.5 inches

  • Late 19th century Pointer
    Late 19th century Torah Pointer Silver
    Late 19th century
    9.25 inches
  • Late 19th century Pointer
    Late 19th century Torah Pointer Silver engraved with Hebrew inscription
    10 inches

  • Dutch 18 Century Pointer
    Dutch 18 Century Torah Pointer Silver pointer with maker's mark of Willem Duyndam (Citroen 911). Upper section of quadrangular form surmounted by a spherical knop fitted with ring and hook. The hook is later, but still 18th century and by another maker, Hendrik Van Laar, Rotterdam, 1791.
    Dutch 18 Century
    9 inches
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